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The new GTA V PS3 is expected to be due late this year or early 2013. Christmas being the most lucrative season, late 2012 is rather possible. The PC version could be available for 10 Bucks less than the Xbox or PS3 edition.

In the trailer for GTA V PS3 released by Rockstar images of a character playing golf were visible. So more different kinds of sports can be expected compared to the previous Grand Theft Auto . A dog was also shown in the trailer so pets are now included in the world of San Andreas.

This leads to the assumption that a more elaborated penal system is now installed. Comunity service could be included. ( Rockstar will make it fun, no doubt ) Due to the positive reviews of the comedy clubs inside Grand Theft Auto IV one could visit, this factor is sure to be included in Grand Theft Auto V PS3 as well.

In GTA V for PS3 you may experience the world not only on land but also on water, like here with a Jetski, or in the sky using a helicopter…

This counts for all versions. ( on every platform ) The radio stations in Grand Theft Auto IV didn’t make a lot of friends. Rockstar has propably taken care of that too. The PS3 version will come with all radio stations that are also included in the versions for the other platforms.

Since the game is set in San Andreas there will propably be a country station again ( Krose ) and depending on the era it is set in maybe a classic rock station ( K-DST )

Looks pretty real

The aspect of online gaming has propably been utterly redone. In Grand Theft Auto IV you needed to decide if you wanted to play online before you entered the game, now one should be able to decide to play online while playing the game.

The multiplayer modes deathmatch, team-deathmatch, the free mode and race are sure to be found in GTA V PS3 as well. Since there is a wider variety of vehicles (a jet-ski as seen in the games’ trailer) and sports available those can surely be played online as well. No news are out on how exactly the three versions of GTA V will differ in the online multiplayer mode.

even though there are no gyms in GTA 5, you can always go out and jog a little

There are indicators that GTA V will be released for the PS3 first. It was written that Sony has bought the right for that. Since the PS3 runs Blu-Ray discs and the Xbox doesn’t it could be true that a PS3 version is crafted before a similar version for the Xbox is.

The release for PC will propably follow the release for the Xbox shortly. It was said that it will come out about two weeks later. Compared to the PC version the PS3 edition will most likely come with less bugs to fix that the PC one as was the case with Grand Theft Auto IV. But for GTA IV there were plenty of patches released to handle the bugs that showed up during the game.

Due to the superior design of the PS3 controller it should be easier for the developers to create a PS3 version of GTA V. If that’s not the case, the handling of the character in GTA V PS3 will be easier and more fluent compared to Xbox.. Its said that the PC Version of Grand Theft Auto V will arrive in March or April 2014.

GTA V PS3 Screenshots

Lets have a walk near the vineyard

great cars of course have always been a big part of the game, and GTA 5 brings it to a whole new level by improving the driving experience and physics

The GTA V Main Characters
Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Three names which you should remember while playing GTA 5. Previously it was common to go through the game with one character but in the new Grand Theft Auto 5, the player now has the option, however, to switch back an forth between these three characters. Even while playing the game. However, always with the thought that it can change the running game.

Michael is actually a normal family man, married with two children. But because of money Problems he has to take part in criminal activities while he is in the witness protection program of the FBI.

Trevor is in the early 40′s and lives in the desert. Because of his war experiences, he is still suffering from the after-effects and is therefore difficult to predict. The bald-headed white veteran is always ready to engage in criminal deals. His flying experience may be helpful.

Franklin is in the mid-twenties and earns his money as a brutal debt collector of an Armenian luxury car dealer.

As the player plays with one of the characters, the other two go after their own interests, so that for the players always come up with new, surprising twists. The different perspectives allow the player a better understanding of the Company of Los Santos. Rockstar hopes to have more variety for the player with this art of playing. In GTA 5 will also be BMX, mountain bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes and much more.
The handling of shooting and melee has been improved.

Doing some gymnastic after waking up in one of Los Santos greatest penthouses :)

The players can look forward to Minigames such as yoga, triathlon, jet skiing, base jumping, tennis and golf but unfortunately the player must abstain on tattoos and gym studios.
The new Grand theft auto 5 has both, wilderness and desert, a military terrain and also underwater explorations in the ocean and Los Santos is now larger than the game world of GTA 4, GTA: San Andreas and Dead Redemption is taken together.